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Автор Тема: Hello Pilot 07 - Way To Cyber Collapse.  (Прочитано 293 раз)

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Hello Pilot 07 - Way To Cyber Collapse.
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These are our applications requirements and questions we would like you to acknowledge and provide:

1.Nicknames of or your in-game characters with which you will join the corporation (Main and Alts).
2. Link all your characters here: http://evewho.com/pilot
3. Your skill point amount.
4. What you did not like in your previous corporation?
5. Why did you choose our corporation?
6. What is your type of play in EVE Online? What do you do?
7. How do you earn in-game money?
8.Is there any pilots who could vouch for you or provide a reference?
9. Which ships you consider you are mastering or use the most?
10. What is your prime-time for the game?
11. How much play time you are willing to spend per week?
12. Do you have PVP experience?
13. What is your overall in-game experience such as which types of space you have been living in and etc?
14. Are you willing to train into required doctrines?
15. If you are in-game will you join TS comms? (As this is one of the requirements, if you play you must be on comms in case of urgency)
16. Do you agree with living in our space we own? (This requires to make sure pilots are using the space we own and play together)
17. From where did you find out about our corporation? (If possible provide some details such as link if used)
18. Type of your Account? (Alfa/Omega)

While we are processing your application you must stay in our in-game channel: 2CUBE.INFO

You definitely will be informed about the decision as soon as possible.
For you own interests - please make sure information you provided is matching. Information which you intentionally decided not to share - might negatively affect your application.
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